Youth Ballet West in Galway

Members Testomonials

  • “YBW allows all members to express their great passion for dancing.I am extremely proud to be part of this wonderful youth company” Gemma Brook
  • “I feel very privileged to be a member of YBW because it gives me a chance to do something that I love with people who have the same passion for dance as I do” Miriam Lyons
  • “Being in YBW gives me an insight into a professional dance company. I can improve my strength and technique in a familiar yet professional atmosphere” Niamh Carey
  • “In the short period of time since I joined YBW, I have grown in my personal development” Eimear Caulfield
  • “YBW is so important to me.  It’s a place where me and my friends can all come together and
  • improve on our dance technique in a fun, safe and happy environment” Ciara McAndrew
  • “The feeling of performance is amazing, the ability to put a smile on peoples faces by what we do is outstanding and it wouldn’t be possible without YBW” Aidan Walsh
  • “YBW is an extraordinary experience and it gives me an insight as to how a professional dance company works.  I love YBW!” Nicola Travers
  • “YBW gives me an insight into what a career as a ballerina would be like.  I can do what I love and the minute rehearsal is over, I cannot wait until next week”.Jessica Healy


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Latest News & Events

Macnas Parade Tuesday, 30 November 1999 01:00 'Youth Ballet West  will yet again mesmerize Galway within the Macnas parade with their grace & elegance'. Watch out for the birds! Get ready… Th... Read more...
Baboro 2017 Thursday, 05 October 2017 13:11 Baboro 2017 Youth Ballet West  will perform a piece called 'Catching Waves' with the Sym-Phonic Waves Orchestra for two performances in the Town Hal... Read more...


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