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Youth Ballet West was launched on Friday 14th December 2007.  The company  performed Les Patineurs originally choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton in 1937 and which has been described as -  a pure dance display of virtuosity disguised as a joyous ode to skating.

Ashton got his idea for Les Patineurs from the graceful movements and virtuoso skills of skaters, and set them to music by Meyerbeer, itself originally written to accompany skating scenes onstage. Ashton’s choreography suggests the effortless actions of skater as they sway, glide, turn – and even fall over.

The work was re-staged by the Artistic Directors of YBW.

Partnership Organisations and Ongoing Collaborations.

YBW is currently working in partnership with Macnas, Galway Technology Institute, Cathy Sharp Danse Ensemble, Chrysalis Dance and Corrib Dance Academy. These collaborations focus on the creation of new work for YBW, giving additional performance opportunities and challenging the young dancers with alternative dance styles and venues, while broadening the audience for dance and ballet.

Key Objectives:
  • To create a semi-professional Youth Ballet Company in the West of Ireland.
  • To raise the profile of Ballet in the west of Ireland.
  • To enable talented young dancers to receive world-class professional training while remaining in their home environment and while they continue with their academic studies in their own country.
  • To develop and maintain the highest technical and artistic standards in Ballet.
  • To enable young dancers to fulfill their potential.
  • To reach as many young dancers as possible in the West of Ireland.
  • To re-stage renowned classical ballets and commission new, more modern works from choreographers.
  • To offer master classes and coaching from visiting international dance artists and choreographers.

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Latest News & Events

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